Garmin T5-TT15 Frequency change

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Garmin T5-TT15 Frequency change

Сообщение karak » 07 окт 2021, 11:02

Hello everybody.
I spent a lot of hours searching about the frequency change for collars (T5,TT15) and nothing happened.
I succeed to do this on handheld (Astro 320/Alpha 100, 41.bin, xrgn etc) but not with the collars.
I tried with GPSDaemon,gfa (succeed to export a fw.bin file about 5mb) but without any success.
Is there any possibility to give me a solution? Rumors talk about a program,but i havent found it.
Thank you in advance.

P.S I dont speak Russian,so any answers will be translated via Google Translate.


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